Map: In the Red By: razcle

In the Red


Author: razcle
Map Name: In the Red
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2024-01-05 11:34:45
Last Updated On: 2024-01-05 11:34:45

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– Authors Map Description –

< Commander: You are standing on the precipice of a defining moment for our forces on Mars. The landscape before you is unforgiving, a red wasteland that will soon be stormed by a threat the likes of which we’ve never seen. As the silence of the Martian horizon breaks with the approaching enemy, it’s time to prove your mettle and metal. Make no mistake – they will come at you hard and fast. Trust your instincts, adapt on the fly, and keep those cores secure. We are counting on your skills and expertise to pull this one off. Take no prisoners! >


– another map with sliding platforms …….. i have enjoyed making
them …….find them fun to play and they add another aspect to the
strategy …
– these maps take longer to make and provide me with a challenge …..
to keep them working as smooth as possible and glitch free
– i build these maps on my computer which is new and high end, however
the maps are also tested on an older machine ( thank you, Walsingham )

– all cores can be saved and gold medal achieved @ the Elite setting

– if you find anything; a bug or problem that managed to escape notice
—– please let me know below in the comments


in order of difficulty

< story >
– 35 waves – practice mode
– easiest mission – the score not saved to leaderboard

< story LB >
– 40 waves of mixed aliens

< super X grinder >
– 150 mixed waves

< super grinder >
– 76 large waves of mixed aliens

– 14 wicked waves
A fast quick challenge

< super G challenge >
– 90 healthy strong waves of mixed aliens
– NO Score Boosts


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19 days ago

Wow! Great map! A lot of fun! Challenging!

Thank You 🙂