Map: DG1 Resurgence 02 razcle ized By: razcle

DG1-Resurgence-02 razcle-ized


Author: razcle
Map Name: DG1-Resurgence-02 razcle-ized
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2020-08-30 21:13:44
Last Updated On: 2020-08-30 21:13:46

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- Authors Map Description -

< Commander : A heritage site is under threat. The Aliens are targeting an old time battle ground, that has been cleaned up and being converted into a memorial site, complete with a museum and tourist trappings. Due to the nature and purpose of this site, any defensive installations you put up will be temporary and taken down once the threat is neutralized. A proper protective shield will be built around the entire historic battlefield and memorial buildings. >
< Commander : Protect the Memorial and the cores it contains. >

- this is a re-make of a classic DG1 map ....... Heightened Confusion ..... Map 02 from the Resurgence
for DG2 ...... but it has already been done

- so i did what Hollywood does to movie remakes ...... change it up, a bit, to keep it fresh ...... and add some special effects ........
- i recognize the risk of messing with a classic, some DG1 fans might think i crossed a line ........ if i have committed a cardinal sin or sacrilege ... i humbly apologize
- i did try to be true to the spirit of the original map - more or less, depending on the mission ......... however if you build too long a path, too soon, the Aliens will make an end-run

- the story, story leaderboard and super grinder missions are the closest to the original DG1 map
- the two challenge missions have raised/lowered tiles that effect the path possibilities

- everything seems to work fine ....... i hope i have the balances right
and the correct medal settings
- if you find anything that i might have missed, please let me know
in the comments, so i can try to fix it


This map has been beaten on Open @ the highest difficulty settings.
Gold has been achieved with all cores intact.
--- Open Elite --- Gold Medal --- No Cores Lost ---


< story > :
......... 30 waves - easiest mission - scores not saved to leaderboard
story leaderboard > :
......... 36 waves -
< story LB challenge > :
......... 41 waves -
< grinder >
......... 100 waves - Boss last wave
< super grinder > :
......... 140 large waves -
< super G challenge > :
......... 150 large waves



3 thoughts on “Map: DG1 Resurgence 02 razcle ized By: razcle”

  1. This was my favourite DG1 map. I played it trying out different paths and weapons, many many times.
    This version does not disappoint, in fact i am enjoying the DG2 tilt to this map.
    The original was easy but fun, and so is this!
    Thanks again for all these maps.

  2. i just noticed i messed up the gold level for the story leaderboard ……. sorry for that
    it is now 2.5M and should be 8M – Gold …. 7M – Silver …. 5.8M – Bronze
    ( i mess up when i am working on multiple maps at once )

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