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Community test your DG2 map

BIG UPDATE! Site may be down for an unexpected amount of time. DG2FreeMaps.com will be forced to experience a (hopefully temporary) shutdown set for 4/5/2020

So just to keep everyone in the loop, our hosting provider we use after many years is going to be doing a forced server wide move from their old server farm to their new one.

How does this effect us?
The old server farm ran on PHP 5.6 and that’s what DG2FM is currently coded for. The new server farm runs on PHP 7.3 witch DG2FM can not run on.

Ok so how do we fix the site?
Solution One:
Work with someone to fix the code so that the site can still exist and continue for as many years as the public wish to fund its operation. If you know PHP 7.3 well and wish to donate your time please reach out to me ASAP.

Solution Two:
Hiring an outside professional PHP coder. The prospective quotes we got back to accomplish what we are looking to do were between $500 up to $1500.

We are working with the hosting provider to see what they can do for us regarding this forced move and if we can keep things running on the older version of PHP. After hours on the phone with them we have worked out a possible solution. If things go according to our plans we will be moved but NOT required to upgrade our PHP thus giving us more time to fix our code.

Fingers crossed commanders!