Map: SUR 180 By: razcle

SUR 180


Author: razcle
Map Name: SUR 180
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2022-10-19 18:57:19
Last Updated On: 2022-11-18 12:00:49

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– Authors Map Description –

< Commander: The Secure Underground Repository 180 (SUR180) is threatened. The infra-structure that supports the storage vault deep in the granite of the Canadian Shield is in need of a defense grid. The repository preserves the genetics of as many species as could be saved, before the extinctions of the early 21 century. >
< Commander: Protect this important facility, at all cost! >

– when i dl’d this map i found that the map was gibbled, ….
the command shuttle option was not there and a road texture
disappeared ……. i uploaded and changed dl to the fixed version

– this an interesting and fun map … it has only a few path options
– it has some extra tower platforms that can be purchased from the
Command Shuttle … that could prove useful

– i would like to thank P4P1PRO for his help with the <story LB challenge>
…. he is learning to edit these scripts, and fine tune the difficulty
and this is his first offering ….. it is Extremely Challenging

– the <super G challenge> is an epic battle will have the map filled with
red towers by the last wave – it will take around 4 hours to complete
–Warning — after 30 waves or so it will not resume when saved … however
the game can be paused with "escape" for long periods of time with no problem
– i have been asked "why bother" … my answer is i like playing them and
filling up a map …. i quite enjoy spending a rainy day or an evening at it

– if you have any thoughts or feedback about this map … please share them

– all missions have beaten @ the Elite setting
– all cores saved and gold medal achieved

– if you find anything that doesn’t work, please let me know …..

Missions: in order of difficulty

– All modes have a Command Shuttle option

< story >
– 30 waves – easiest mission
– a practice mode – score not saved to leaderboard

< story LB >
– 40 larger waves of mixed aliens
– approximate time 1.5 hours

< super X grinder >
– 140 large waves of assorted aliens
– approximate time 1 hour

< super G challenge >
– 90 waves of mixed aliens
– Epic challenge – approx 4 hour adventure

< story LB challenge > –
– 40 waves of strong and healthy aliens
– Extreme P4P1PRO’s challenge
– over 2 hour adventure


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1 year ago

This was a lot of fun, more than i expected!
Thank you for another several days of toasting aliens.

1 year ago

Since i,m doing/working the script and the difficulty of SLBC challenge, I am in charge, that means that they are maps with an incredible difficulty, where you will need the best path and a single tower can mean killing or not killing the Juggernaut 1 meter from the exit.

An experience only for the bravest; Don’t kill fast… if you can ride a wave to gain resources… those resources can be the difference between success or defeat.