Map: Samsara Way By: razcle

Samsara Way


Author: razcle
Map Name: Samsara Way
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2023-10-19 23:03:38
Last Updated On: 2023-10-19 23:03:38

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– Authors Map Description –

< Commander: Our intelligence sources have confirmed that an outpost on an orbiting asteroid is the next target. The station, Samsara Way, is revered not just for its strategic value and unique defensive platforms but also for its deep spiritual resonance. The ebb and flow of the tower platforms and the labyrinthine pathways are a testament to the perpetual cycle of creation and destruction. This coordinated assault demands your immediate attention and swift action. By leveraging the concept of Samsara, and utilizing the oscillating defensive platforms, you can mount a strong defense. You must be prepared for the back and forth struggle, and remain committed to the defense of Samsara Way station. >


– this is the result of much mucking around over the last few maps to
stretch the game play to include another feature or aspect …… keeping it
all fresh and fun …..

– it was a lot of fun to make and pleasure to play …. it did take a
while to iron out some of the bugs and get everything to work smoothly …
but was well worth it …. i have found a way to remove and/or minimize
any lags or pauses in the game play when the transforms occur

— there are five platforms that will boomerang back and forth along the
tracks on the map
— the amount of tiles is enough to do the job and if more are needed they
will arrive
— the mode < the Whole Shebang > has all the extra tower tiles up right at
the very beginning
— the different modes have varying spawn/exit configurations

– a big thanks to Walsingham, P4P1PRO and the several others who have played
this map through before it got uploaded ….. their thoughts and feedback was
very much appreciated

– all cores can be saved and gold medal achieved @ the Elite setting

– if you find anything; a bug or problem that managed to hide
—– please let me know below in the comments


< story >
– 40 waves – practice mode
– easiest mission – the score not saved to leaderboard
– aliens enter on one side exit on the other

< story LB >
– 42 waves of mixed aliens
– aliens enter on one side exit on the other

< super grinder >
– 101 large waves of mixed aliens
– the aliens will exit where they spawned

< super X grinder >
– 140 large mixed waves
– aliens exit opposite from where they spawned

< the Whole Shebang >
– 75 mixed waves
– everything the map has is up at the start
– the aliens will exit where they spawned

< super G challenge >
– 90 large strong healthy waves
– aliens enter on one side exit on the other


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7 months ago

I like maps that you get use all tiles. Super G, those healers took a while to figure out. Great map all around, only crashed on me once. Thank You…

7 months ago

Super duper fun! It’s working fine now and I’ve been addicted for a week now.

7 months ago

I don’t know why but this map keeps crashing on me. I adore it!

7 months ago

Spent 3 hours on this tonight and was a total blast…

8 months ago

Agreed with RoKe, great fun. At least on story mode. Super grinder crashed my game 🙁

8 months ago

This map is incredible fun! Thank you! Where have been these moving towers all my life?! ^^