Map: Green Square By: razcle

Green Square

Author: razcle
Map Name: Green Square
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2021-07-08 16:12:46
Last Updated On: 2021-07-08 16:12:46

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- Authors Map Description -

< Commander: The invading Alien forces have landed and are attacking the Algae processing plant. The facility produces algae for the environmental and life support systems used in our spaceships and habitats. >
< Commander: your job is to clean out the square, and eliminate the threat! >


- there are Command Shuttle options available for strategic sniper
towers and platform
- there will be a bit of time to establish the start of a path
before the Aliens are released

- on some missions the cores will walk and achieving gold may
depend on how fast you can return them ... the longer the cores
are out of the housing the lower the score

- i would like to thank 'originalglenn' for his help testing the
super X grinder

all missions have been beaten on the Elite setting
--- all cores saved and gold medal achieved ---

- there could be things or problems that i missed or didn't see ....
...... if you find something please let me know .....


< story >
- 30 simple waves - easiest mission
- Command Shuttle options available
- practice mode - the score is not saved to leaderboard

< story LB >
- 40 large waves of mixed aliens
- Command Shuttle options available

< super Story >
- 45 large waves of mixed aliens
- Command Shuttle options available

< super grinder >
- 101 large waves of assorted aliens
- Command Shuttle options available

< super X grinder >
- 150 custom waves of mixed aliens
- Command Shuttle options available

< dirty dozen >
- 12 intense waves of mixed aliens
- Command Shuttle options available


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5 days ago

This looks simple, but it took me a few tries to find good a way to beat it.
Thank you for another great map. 🙂

17 days ago

thanks for sharing

18 days ago

Funny and hard to gold in elite, thx for work, continue playing finding elite gold, hehe