Map: Fringe By: razcle



Author: razcle
Map Name: Fringe
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2022-11-04 11:30:26
Last Updated On: 2022-11-04 11:30:27

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– Authors Map Description –

< Commander: You are in for a journey – to the Heliopause, the sharp, final plasma boundary between the Sun and the rest of the galaxy. The station in need of defense is outside the Sun’s gravitational influence, and hangs in a delicate balance just inside where the the magnetic fields of the solar and interstellar winds push up against each other. The station is small and needs your skills to set up a long-lasting and effective defense grid. >


– this is a small map, with very few tower tiles to build on … it should prove
to be both fun and provide a challenge
– there is a Command shuttle – where more tower emplacements can be purchased

– a big THANK YOU to decca, walsingham and P4P1PRO for their help, suggestions,
time and the support they provided in feedback and testing.

– the <story LB challenge> challenge is to end up with all 24 cores safe, it is
a good challenge, but is possible to do (without juggling) at the Elite setting

– the <super G challenge> is a survival challenge …. to save any cores at all
and not be defeated is the goal with this …. it is about 3 hours long and will
keep you busy

– i believe all the bugs are worked out and the map works smoothly, however ….
i have been known to let a few slip through ….. if you find one or think you do
please let me know in the comments


Missions: In order of difficulty
– all missions have a Command shuttle option

– practice mode – 30 waves
– scores do not save to LB
– easiest mission on map

<story LB>
– 40 large waves of mixed aliens

<super grinder>
– 75 large waves of mixed aliens

<super X grinder>
140 large waves of assorted aliens

<super G challenge>
– 80 full waves of healthy aliens
– try to save some cores

<story LB challenge>
– Elite challenge
– 35 waves of strong, healthy aliens
– the hardest, most difficult mission


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4 months ago

I just found about this site, and I am loving these maps! Thanks for your hard work 😀

Reply to  Arghetlam
4 months ago

First and foremost, a warm welcome. 🙂

As you probably already know, you have found a treasure trove and I am nothing short of jealous about your ride through the 400 custom maps, or so, on this site. You are in for a treat.

Please be our guest, and share your experience with others. Spread the word, if you want, and find help and guidance on your journey.

6 months ago

A sweet little map! An interesting and fun challenge.
Thank you 🙂 , for the past year of wonderful maps!

Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger
6 months ago

And then hell breaks lose.