Map: Cognac and Bologna By: razcle

Cognac and Bologna


Author: razcle
Map Name: Cognac and Bologna
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2023-10-15 13:27:26
Last Updated On: 2023-10-15 13:27:26

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– Authors Map Description –

< Commander: Welcome to the notorious hub of clandestine commerce, "Cognac and Bologna." This black market trading post has become the stuff of legends, where you can acquire the rarest of relics and the strangest of contraband. If there’s a deal to be made, you’ll find it here, even if it means trading your grandmother’s secret pancake recipe for a laser cannon. >

< Your mission is twofold: Primary – protect "Cognac and Bologna" from the alien raiders, Secondary -unravel the mysteries hidden within this peculiar market. Observe and record; keeping an eye out for any curiosities or clandestine dealings. It is a chaotic market, you’ll need to: be as resourceful as the traders themselves, make strategic alliances, and try to discern the political or power structure of this unique trading post. Who knows what secrets lie beneath the surface? And speaking of secrets, the High Commander has subtly hinted that acquiring a rare bottle of Armagnac during your mission would be greatly appreciated upon your return. >

< Commander : The primary objective, the survival of "Cognac and Bologna" rests upon your shoulders. >

– the above story was created with the help of chatGTP4….. using it did help
spark the creative flow, but it took as long or longer to modify it to be what
i actually wanted as it would have to just write it myself

– this should prove to be both fun and a challenge

– the map did not end up as i wanted, and is a compromise that ends up working
quite well … i will keep working on the original idea … but on another map

– a big thanks to P3P1PRO and Walsingham – for being there to support, to play
this map through looking for bugs or problems that i did not see and giving
valuable feedback ….. it is very much appreciated

– all cores saved and gold medal achieved @ the Elite setting

– if you find anything; a bug or problem that got by us please let me know
below in the comments

MISSIONS: in order of difficulty

< story > – practice mode
– scores not saved to Leaderboard
– 40 mixed waves

< story LB >
– 42 larger waves of mixed aliens

< super X grinder >
– 140 large waves of mixed aliens

< super G challenge >
– 90 large healthy waves of various aliens
….. Buckle Up! …..


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