Map: Brine Mine 9 By: razcle

Brine Mine 9


Author: razcle
Map Name: Brine Mine 9
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2022-03-20 11:59:11
Last Updated On: 2022-03-20 11:59:12

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– Authors Map Description –

< Commander: A de-salination/brine mine is threatened. Brine Mine 9 extracts potable water, Lithium, Bromine and other valuable elements from the Don Juan Pond which lies nestled in the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica. As the ice melted, the basin filled up with water that has dissolved more of the salts, making it a viable size and resource. >
< Commander: Pull no punches, the Lithium from Brine Mine 9 is integral to our ability to use the Core technology. >


– this map started out to be a fun blast fest with a reasonable challenge,
a balance of both …. i hope that players find it to be so ….
– there are 4 missions that are balanced this way and each one requires
the use of more real estate to get the job done

– for those players who like a real challenge; the two challenge missions
are for you, they are quite difficult ….. but have been beaten on Elite,
with the all cores saved …… if you normally play Elite, consider trying
Hard at first

– the < super G challenge > will fill up the map with red towers ……
when testing i found there was not room to build enough towers to save
the cores … i had 2 options: weaker aliens or more towers …….
i chose the latter, now, more tiles will rise up when they are needed

– i would like to thank walsingham for his encouragement and help testing,
and P4P1PRO for his help tuning the difficulty of the two challenge modes

– all missions have been beaten @ the Elite setting
– all cores saved and gold medal achieved

– if you find anything that doesn’t work, please let me know …..


< story >
– 30 waves – 2 spawns
– easiest mission – a practice mode
– score not saved to leaderboard

< story LB >
– 35 larger waves of mixed aliens
– 2 spawn points

< story LB challenge >
– 40 waves of very strong and healthy aliens
– 4 spawn points
– Hardest mission – an Elite challenge

< super story >
– 75 hectic waves of mixed aliens
– 2 spawn points

< super G challenge >
– 90 very large waves of very healthy aliens
– 4 spawn points – an Elite challenge
– more tiles come later when needed

< super X grinder >
– 140 large waves of assorted aliens
– 2 spawn points


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2 months ago

I loved this one! I loved the spooky atmosphere and challenge.
It took me a while to beat this map.
Thank you, again.

Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger
2 months ago

Thanks for that, hours of fun.
No surprises, but a big final.
(but the green mode is a bit too foggy)

3 months ago

Wow, that  super G challenge mode is very challenging!