February Spotlight Video

TheWatcherAl and Shark@tak play Defense Grid 2
February's Custom Map Spotlight is "Multy-player"

Lets watch as TheWatcherAl blind plays through this new map.

January Spotlight Video

TheWatcherAl and Shark@tak play Defense Grid 2 January's Custom Map Spotlight is "Dirt Digger"

Lets see if they can win against 30 waves of some of the toughest core stealing aliens.

Warmup Video

Shark and TheWatcherAl practice for future streams by playing map 12 "Incursion" on super grinder.

Will they be able to stop 100 waves of core stealing alines from grabbing all their cores?

Watch to find out!

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Hello all my fellow Core Defenders,

In one month our server needs to upgrade from PHP5.6 to PHP7.2.
Currently we know that core functions of our site will not work with PHP7+ and need to be re-coded for PHP7.2.

We find ourselves out of our depths and in need of the community’s help. If you have worked with or know how to code in PHP7.2 please reach out to us asap using the DG2 steam forms or through our contact form here on the site.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and help to keep this site around.

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