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  1. Hello,
    I have a serious problem with the command station. First, i need to deactivate SmartScreen (win 10) each time i want to start it. Second, i cant see any of the map picture when i play the game now. Maybe it is not related to command station and only only user made maps we cant see the pic of the maps?? Anyway, great program to have the maps alphabetical 🙂 .

    1. Hey Proutos, I have played all the modes and the command station is working perfectly. I Haven’t got an answer for you but wanted to let you know it’s fine on my end. Hope you can get it working as its a really fun map to play. Cheers from Australia 🙂

      1. maybe i did not install it in the good place? I never see any maps screen before choosing what map i want to play. Same for any tower upgrade (when there is a possibility to upgrade) like the 4 color on the map from Shark. Normally, you see a screen who show you what it will do before paying, i never see it before i pay…

        1. For DG2Free maps you should have it installed in
          “DG2” folder
          If you don’t have a DG2 folder make a new folder and name it “DG2” and put all user made games in there.
          Don’t call it anything else as it will cause problems
          Also don’t leave the zipped files in there either as that can cause problems

          With DG2 game
          You should let it install itself.
          If you are running x64 it should end up in
          Local disk C: (or whatever your program one is named)
          Program files (x86)
          User Data
          Your user account number folder
          221540 (this is the DG2 folder number)

          Hope that helps
          cheers from Australia 🙂

          1. The program is installed like all others steam program in F:program files(x86)/steam/steamApps/sommon/DefenseGrid2

            The maps are in documents BUT, in french, this is pretty weird because it seems to be installed in USERS but in fact when you click c:, it is called UTILISATEURS
            but when you look the path, it is users. This is pretty weird but anyway, it is urers/remin/bocuments/DG2

            I have no idea where to install the station and for sure when i install it, it ask me where are all the files for the games – the maps – the pic etc. This is the problem probably… the program it is easy, the maps it is easy but the pic, the pic i take when i am in game? it also ask some more thing than i have no idea?

          2. hahahhha sorry didnt realise you were making a map. thought you had problems with Atlantis command shuttle not working lol

          3. I was not making a map since i have no idea how. I would just like to know if it is possible to have the pic of the map when you choose which map you want to play (player made map). I have no problem with the original map, i always see the picture of the map before choosing it and i always see what the shuttle effect will do when i am paying to buy it (ONLY for the original map).

            I was able to see the pic of the player made map BEFORE i used the command station. As soon as i installed the command station, i loose the pic of the map (player made) and in game i dont see (no pic) the effect before buying the tower power. I mean i have no pic of what it will do.

            Someone told me than everyone of you did not see the pic of the maps (played made) since a patch in game. It is true or you guys see the pic???
            Damn my English sux. next time, i will write in french and maybe the translator will do a better job than me 🙂

          4. Ok this time I understand lol 🙂

            On campaign
            I can see a picture of what i’m buying with the command tower
            I can also see a screenshot of the map as i scroll to each one

            On user created maps I can’t see a picture of what the command tower does only a description (if one is on there)
            On user created maps I also cant see a screenshot when scrolling through the maps

            So it’s not an issue with your pc and you’re not going crazy lol 🙂

          5. Ah, ok. So, they broke something with a patch and NEVER repaired it…. At the beginning, it was possible to see the pic of the map and what tower was building too. Than, a patch appeared and poof all dissapeared. I know what happened. i downloaded the command station and i was able to see everything at the beginning and talk to someone about some other thing and he told me i had not the last version of the game and had not the last version of steam too anyway. I found how to download the last version of steam and doing that, i losted the pic. I am not even sure it is because of the game. I really think it is a STEAM PATCH who have done that bug.

  2. Thank you so much Shark for taking the time to help me! Nothing pops up though for “choosing script” when I click okay. Maybe you can also give me the steps that come before the “clicking okay” to make sure I’m doing that right. Right now I’m looking under maps tab, clicking the saved map, clicking compile. Nothing pops up. I’ve also tried starting from the mods tab, and clicking on my new edited script and compile, and it says to select a map, but I don’t see how to do so from that screen.

    Also, in my “add mode” section it only lists the files I have in my folder. I don’t have any template modes like mission, frozen cores, etc, that I saw in the help screenshot. Am I missing those templates somehow?

      1. Wow you cannot pay for such good service! I’ll watch the videos and give it a try, I’ll report back to you after I spend some time messing with it

      2. Okay I see the problem. At 4:45 in your video you click on your map and then click on “story” and then it adds it in. I do not have “story” to select from. Did I configure my folder paths wrong somewhere? Where is that “story” file stored?

      3. Basically, I need to get my folder path to the mode templates configured right cause right now I am functioning with no mode templates. Do I have to create them from scratch?

        1. when the station is installed it should find your paths
          but, there is a tab to check
          try Edit/Configure File Paths
          you will have the option to search for your folders

          or you could try uninstalling and get a fresh copy from here and install again


          1. when I installed it the first time, it didn’t autodetect, and I had to manually put a path for each folder. When I’ve tried to uninstall and install fresh, it keeps reverting to the same file paths I had before. I don’t know how to do a fresh install. I can’t even find where on my computer its installing it. If you know where the templates are located, what folder, then I can find them and configure path. Maybe if you look on yours and find what folder the templates (modes) are in?

        2. did you compile your map using dg2architect ? – if so Station might have an issue – try going into your source folder and deleting any .mission files – then load into the Station see if that works

          1. I appreciate your help so much even though I am still failing. Yes I did compile my map using dg2architect. Try as I might to reinstall this tool over and over, and trying different file paths, I cannot see the mode templates anywhere. When I watch your video you have several to choose from, story, supergrinder, frozencore, etc. I have none.

            I installed this program from my desktop. But looking in my harddrive I cannot find the files for it anywhere. Do you know where it installs to?

          2. Do you know where the files are installed to in this program?

            I can’t figure out what folders I should path each thing to , like modes, saved maps, etc.? I must have something wrong there because I don’t have the mode templates anywhere

  3. Thank you for a tremendously excellent program!

    I’m able to edit the waves, but trying to follow the directions carefully I am still stumped. I have the edited script file I made. I know it saved changes. When I use your program to try to compile it says, “you have no story mode associated with this yet – let’s create one now” but then it does nothing when I click “okay.” I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Probably just a simple step somewhere.

    1. when you click OK a window called “choose script” will open
      there is a drop down menu with something like DG2\Documents|blahblah..script
      click on the down arrow, and search for your custom script in the list (usually up the top)
      click on the Select Script Tab
      now you can adjust the starting resources , health , Medal scores etc
      click compile
      start dg2 and play

      hope that helps

      1. Is there perhaps an easier method, like moving the new scripts file to the folder location (wherever that might be) where the standard scripts are stored. Then I could just go into architect and republish my map using the new script file.

          1. Ahh I finally figured it out. Firstly, I had to delete the utility. Then I had to delete it from my registry through regedit. Then when reinstalling, VERY IMPORTANT, one should not try to configure path for the “mods” folder. Leave it blank. This was not clear in the instructions, and was the cause of all of my issues. thanks

          1. I think I meant the “modes” folder, not the mods folder, but I could be wrong. Thanks for all your help!

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