The Found Path

The hidden is now found!

Our community admin Operation40 found a file inside Defense Grid's "The Awakening"
folder called DG2HeroAnimation.txt

After some resizing and music selection he was able to share it with us for everyone's enjoyment.

This file can be found in your steam file under your

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Community test your DG2 map needs YOU!
Hello all my fellow Core Defenders,

In one month our server needs to upgrade from PHP5.6 to PHP7.2.
Currently we know that core functions of our site will not work with PHP7+ and need to be re-coded for PHP7.2.

We find ourselves out of our depths and in need of the community’s help. If you have worked with or know how to code in PHP7.2 please reach out to us asap using the DG2 steam forms or through our contact form here on the site.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and help to keep this site around.

DG2FreeMaps Admin Team