Map: Zodiac By: originalglenn



Author: originalglenn
Map Name: Zodiac
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2020-09-06 06:34:55
Last Updated On: 2020-09-06 06:34:56

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- Authors Map Description -

story 40 waves
story leaderboard 40 waves
story remix 140 waves faster game with lots of aliens
grinder 100 waves no pods( based on hpe script)
steam says i spent 77 hrs in the last 2 weeks refining this( do you think I should go outside occasionally?)


8 thoughts on “Map: Zodiac By: originalglenn”

  1. Great looking map. It seems to freeze up at level 19. I’ve lowered the resolution, but still stops. Running a 6gig GT 1060 and I7-4770 with 16gig ram. Any suggestions?

    1. Not sure steve
      I just checked and it runs ok here (i5-470 8gig ram radeon rx 580)
      Is it on all of the maps?
      One thing you could try is to rename the /documents/DG2 folder to something else then make a new /documents/DG2 folder and reinstall just Zodiac into the new DG2 folder

    1. But also neverending resources.
      For nearly all missions I ended up with a 5-digit value.

      What I liked most is that you can only reach the core housing with long range weapons.

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