Map: Up the Ying Yang By: razcle

Up the Ying Yang


Author: razcle
Map Name: Up the Ying Yang
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2020-07-27 17:15:56
Last Updated On: 2020-07-27 20:30:36

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- Authors Map Description -

< Commander : An secluded outpost, that is both isolated and vulnerable, is under attack! Defense was not a consideration in its construction. The architects design promotes their belief that balance is achieved by walking the line between opposing forces. You must have one foot in 'order', to have a stable, solid base and the other foot in 'chaos', to unleash the forces needed to successfully rain destruction down on the invaders . >
< Commander : Protect the Cores! >


- there is few choices to be made on this map
- there are additional, strategic tower emplacements that can be
raised in the Command Shuttle options,
- all missions have the Command Shuttle options
- the < super X reverse > starts out slow but picks up as cores
start racing towards the exit ...... remember ... the longer the cores
are out of the housing, the lower the score, so do not let them get far
- the grinder on this map is a work out!

- i was the only tester, i hope i got the balances right
- Gold was set by my scores on Open Elite without using score boosts
or orbital weapons, so should be achievable by using either, if needed
- everything seems to work fine, but it is easy to miss something,
so ....if you find anything that i have, please let me know in the
comments below, so i can try to fix it


This map has been beaten on Open @ the highest difficulty settings.
Gold has been achieved with all cores intact.
--- Open Elite --- Gold Medal --- No Cores Lost ---


< story > :
......... 36 waves - easiest mission - scores not saved to leaderboard
< story leaderboard > :
......... 36 waves - same as story only aliens are slightly stronger
< grinder >
......... 102 waves - Boss last wave - it will challenge
< super grinder > :
......... 100 waves
< super G challenge > :
......... 140 large waves
< super X grinder > :
......... 150 large waves
< super X reverse > :
......... 150 large waves - cores will walk

enjoy the map 🙂
and remember .... things are not normal these days, so please ....
be smart, be safe and practice proper pandemic protocols


9 thoughts on “Map: Up the Ying Yang By: razcle”

    1. This was an answer to razcle’s comment below.
      btw. for me clicking on the links in the notification emails sent by this site doesn’t work any longer, I’m always fowarded to a webpage like

        1. i checked the link in the email sent to me and it was clean ……. sent me to the map’s page
          …….. maybe some malware or browser high-jacker or ? ……. infected your pc? …. i don’t know, but i don’t think it is the site……

          1. I’m also using Firefox, and today still have the problem of wrong redirecting.
            Strange thing, but at least for me good that I’m not the only one… 😉

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