Map: Tug By: razcle



Author: razcle
Map Name: Tug
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2018-11-16 20:31:53
Last Updated On: 2018-11-16 20:31:54

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- Authors Map Description -

. . ~Tug Boat Annie ~ . .
< Commander : "Annie" the space tug is being attacked. She is en-route back to the space yards in the asteroid zone, after being retro-fitted with a new housing that holds the super enriched Cores. >
< Intel predicts large swarms to this raid and says to remember the Alien's peculiar magnetic physiology - use the mag-lifts and mag-tracks. With the limited space for defensive towers, it might be the only way for a decisive victory. >
< "Annie" is an ancient veteran of the fleet, over 100 years old. She is carrying a still functioning "Canadarm". There has been talk of putting her in a museum, but she is just too damn useful and dependable to retire. >
< Commander : Your Mission is to eliminate the current threat and escort "Annie", the rest of the way, back to the yards. Good Luck! >

tested and completed (no cores lost) on OE
( thank you OCD )
if this map seems impossible, then you haven't found the best path

story - 36 waves - practice, experiment with paths
story leaderboard - 36 waves - compare scores with other players
super grinder - 145 large waves - assorted aliens
grinder - 100 waves with the Bosses at the end



7 thoughts on “Map: Tug By: razcle”

  1. Thanks for all those maps.
    I have to catch up on a lot of maps you made but I can now play without my game crashing again and again durind the last waves.

    Do you know any good tutorials videos or docs for the map editor ?

    1. i don’t know about the videos, but they are easy to find …
      there is a learning curve to creating maps, and without help i would have given up out of frustration …..
      i do have a document crafted by Grimlar that i found very helpful …….
      send me a friend request on steam and i’ll share what i have ……. and/or try to answer any questions

    2. Have you checked out our “How Do I?” section. We have a collection of help docs and video tutorials listed. You can also check under our “The Found Path” for the command station, a great tool made by a great community member and former DG2FM admin.

      Hope you find this information useful and look forward to you sharing your maps with the community 🙂

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