Map: toppler By: suspiria



Author: suspiria
Map Name: toppler
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2020-05-24 10:33:22
Last Updated On: 2020-06-08 09:16:31

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- Authors Map Description -

Hello to all,

This map is inspired by an old game, called nebulus/tower toppler.
It is a very big map with lots of paths and building platforms.
Aliens are entering from 4 points, the bottom of the map, from 2 stargates in upper floors and near the core on top.

Modes for this Map
< story >
........ 45 waves - score does not save to leaderboard (script is easier than SL you get more money at start)
< story leaderboard >
........ 45 waves
< mega story >
........ 150 very fast waves
< grinder >
........ 102 large waves
< super grinder >
........ 140 large waves - very long script 2-3 hours when played at 1x speed
< super X grinder >
........ 90 large waves - very long script 3-4 hours when played at 1x speed

As my scores don't save I can't test if modes are saved when exiting and can be resumed later.
It is more important for the 2 long modes, if you want to play them then have some time if the function doesn't work.
You can backspace with no problems.
The map is big and with some modes you'll have 10 or more waves at the same time so don't be afraid if you're at 10-15 fps sometimes.

I hope you will enjoy it and please if you find any bugs or something that is not working tell me.
The map was tested by me and Razcle but we could have missed something.

Have fun.

I added a smaller version with less platforms. As I didn't test a lot maybe it will be hard, I only added more money at start because the path is smaller.


3 thoughts on “Map: toppler By: suspiria”

  1. I LOVE this map, it looks amazing, feels amazing, with awesome complexity lol, however, it keeps crashing, i was at wave 44 twice but the game crashed and i had to start from scratch, and due to this , i have not been able to pass the level yet, but will keep trying lol

    1. Do you have 8gb of ram and a graphic card with 4gb of vram ?
      This map and my next one are big and if you have less than 8gb of ram it will probably crash at a certain point.
      As I and Razcle had no problems with this map I thought that it would be ok but I could be wrong.
      I had to reduce the size of my nex map because it was crashing for Razcle and me if we build a lot. I have 32gb of ram so it is probably the limit of the engine more than a ram problem but to 8gb is probably needed for those 2 maps.
      I will look at it and try to make a smaller one.

      1. Hi suspiria, I have exactly 8gb of ram DDR4 and a graphic card with 4gh of vram (Navidia GTX 1050Ti); I’ll try to play this map in easy mode tonight ,see if that ease off the load and allow me to finally pass the level lol : )

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