Map: tnt By: razcle & TNTFTB



Author: razcle & TNTFTB
Map Name: tnt
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2020-05-03 11:17:46
Last Updated On: 2020-05-03 11:17:47

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- Authors Map Description -

< Commander : Another of the asteroids that were moved out of the Belt is being attacked. There is a small installation on the rock that needs an effective defense grid established immediately. You will be hard pressed to protect it's cores. You will have few resources and few options with guiding the aliens path. Good luck Commander! >

TNTFTB's notes:
All credits to razcle, I merely pitched ideas. Hope you like it!

razcle's notes:
- this is a VERY challenging map - Can you set the highest score on the leaderboard?
- TNTFTB wanted a map where juggling would not work and orbitals had little effect to set up a high score challenge ..... we created this map with that in mind ...... unfortunately the game does not allow an open mission to not have at least one orbital weapon or General chosen .... the choice was go competitve, which nobody seems to play anymore or stay with open and 1 General. ..... so we chose the latter and Taylor as the General
- it is a good work out .... a definate challenge, that can be beaten, with effort
-TNTFTB's script is tricky ..... i beat it on Elite but with 8 resources left over and some cores almost off the board ..... it was quick, challenging and did not let up, providing many close calls
- the other modes are not easy either, but quite enjoyable and rewarding, especially when beaten

- if the map is not challenging enough for you .... try the Competitive mode ..... this map has been beaten on Comp Normal but not yet on Comp Hard
Thank you to AceOpticsAU, originalglenn and TNTFTB for helping with testing
This map has been beaten on Open @ the highest difficulty settings. Gold has been achieved with all cores intact.
--- Open Elite --- Gold Medal --- No Cores Lost ---

< story > :
......... 20 waves - HPE script - scores do not save to leaderboard
< TNTFTB challenge > :
......... 19 custom waves created by TNTFTB - few resources
story leaderboard > :
......... 40 waves - custom script - compare score with others
< grinder > :
......... 100 waves of walkers with a Boss wave at the end
< super grinder > :
......... 90 large waves of assorted aliens - custom script


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8 months ago

Dynamite map!

Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger
8 months ago

Interesting description.
I will take your words literally. 🙂

Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger
Reply to  Jolly Roger
8 months ago

Story leaderboard is business as usual, but TNT challenge is great!
Unfortunately my scores are not saved to the leaderboards, so not visible.
Keep on going!

Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger
Reply to  Jolly Roger
7 months ago

Surprisingly for super grinder my score was saved. 😮
About this mode: very long, often the same weak aliens enter again…and again…and again…and again… not only a pain for the finger pressing the ‘f’ key.