Map: Six Days Tuesday By: originalglenn

Six Days--Tuesday


Author: originalglenn
Map Name: Six Days--Tuesday
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2018-12-15 07:03:59
Last Updated On: 2018-12-15 18:06:12

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- Authors Map Description -

Commander our core replenishment facility on Prima Aprillis has come under attack. I don't need to remind you how important this facility is to our war effort

You are ordered to use all of your resources to destroy the bugs and save our cores.
Tested on open
Not tested on competitive

This is the second mission of 6 inspired by the song
Six Day War by
Colonel Bagshot

You could be sitting taking lunch
The news will hit you like a punch
It's only Tuesday
You never thought we'd go to war
After all the things we saw
It's April Fools' day


13 thoughts on “Map: Six Days Tuesday By: originalglenn”

  1. Good news for those , like me, who struggles with the game crashing all the time !
    I removed all the custom maps and only installed a few and it seems that the crashes have disappeared.
    This might be because some buggy map created the problems or that I had too many. I have downloaded all maps I could find so I have a few

    I also moved the game files in steam from my D drive back to the C drive but I don’t think this fixed anything since I’ve tried it before.
    I have now played three big maps without a crash and before I usually couldn’t even start a map so this is a big difference.
    I have seen before that a buggy map might cause DG2 to crash so perhaps this was the reason. I plan at some time to try to find out which by installing half the maps and see if the bug appears and so on.

    So if you have problems with the game crashing, try to rename the C:\Users\\Documents\DG2 folder and create a new. Then just install f.ex. new maps that you want to try and perhaps some favourites and see if this helps.

    I will copy this message to the comment section of some more maps so hopefully everybody will see it. If this works for anybody else (or not) please leave a message here.
    Best regards

      1. Hello.
        Solved the problem i think. Deleted all from the first edition and started with fresh second zip file. Aliens are to strong in the last 10 waves. Hope i can defeat them. Thanks again for your work !!

          1. The save file has a 10MB limit, This is split between up to 20 checkpoints, ie 500KB per checkpoint plus a little data overhead for the map.
            This means that checkpoints tend to require more data as the mission progresses, meaning problems are more likely later in the mission.
            is applied) and truncates the file in some way. If players just play through the mission all in one go they will never run into this problem.

            …thanks to grimlar for the explanation…

            so its a shortcoming in the way that the game saves checkpoints .
            There are strategies to avoid this so hopefully I will sort it for the next maps

        1. Now that you mentioned it, for all players ……. When putting in a new version of a map you should always delete the previous version/folder fully to avoid conflicts.
          Then unzip the new one.

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