Map: Red Alert By: razcle

Red Alert


Author: razcle
Map Name: Red Alert
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2019-04-13 22:18:56
Last Updated On: 2019-04-13 22:18:57

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- Authors Map Description -

< Commander: The Aliens are attacking a core re-cycling foundry. The foundry welds together depleated cores into large slabs that are transported to the "Barbies" to be made into slugs for the giant Magnetic Acceleration Cannons or "Big MACs". >
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< Commander: Your mission is total annihilation of the raiding Aliens. Complete termination is our only option. The Aliens have a very high re-production rate and we are having trouble keeping ahead of the steady onslaught of attacks. Scientists are secretly searching for biological weapons, viruses or contagions to kill or at least render the aliens infertile. Considered to be un-ethical and immoral by popular opinion , High Command is afraid that this is the best form of offense available at this time. The Planetary Congress has sanctioned defensive actions only. High Command is anticipating a change in mandate to include offense, but until the new policies are put in place, Commander, you must continue with the current method of population control. >


this map has been beaten (all cores intact) on Open Elite -
( thank you ACE® )

- story: ..................................... - 37 waves of assorted aliens with pods for practice, and to try out ideas
- story leaderboard: ....... - 37 waves of assorted aliens with pods - score is saved to leader board
- grinder: ............................... - 100 waves of walkers with boss last wave
- super grinder: ................. - 100 waves of assorted aliens - no pods
- super X grinder: ............ - 145 large waves of assorted aliens with pods



7 thoughts on “Map: Red Alert By: razcle”

    1. you’re right …. when i test i do not use boost tower upgrades ( for a couple of reasons )
      – i just played it using the boost upgrades …. and the racers did not pose the threat i wanted

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