Map: Quadri By: suspiria



Author: suspiria
Map Name: Quadri
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2020-07-19 11:43:58
Last Updated On: 2020-07-22 19:45:50

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- Authors Map Description -

Hello to all,

The map has 4 platforms:

In story you start with one and you will get one more after waves 19, 38 and 57. At wave 76 the map will restart from the beginning.
When the map transform, story will start again on the new platform and after wave 76 it will continue from platform 1.
There is a fake path that will go from platform 1 to the cores, this is the only way I've found to avoid building on the global path.

In SXG you have the complete map from the start.

In Megastory and grinder Horde you could choose on which platforms you want to play there are 3 choices for each mode.
Grinder Horde is a new grinder mode from me. It is based on one of the origninal grinder from HPE but a little bit boosted.

The aliens are entering from 1 point and pods near the cores.

Modes for this Map
< story >
........ 90 waves - transform at waves 19, 38, 57 and restart at wave 76 for training you get more money at start
< story leaderboard >
........ 90 waves - transform at waves 19, 38, 57 and restart at wave 76
< mega story >
........ 150 very fast waves
< grinder Horde >
........ 120 large waves
< super X grinder >
........ 90 large waves - very long script 3-4 hours when played at 1x speed

Gold was achieved on Elite without using orbital on all modes.

You cannot exit/save and resume your game, this is due to the transform.
It is more important for SXG, if you want to play it then have some time.
You can backspace with no problems.

I hope you will enjoy it and please if you find any bugs or something that is not working tell me.

Thanks to Razcle for helping testing it and for the base scripts.

Have fun.

There is V2 version of the map because if you built on a certain tile during the first part, the map will become unbuildable, thanks to Razcle for poiting it out.
So please take V2 if you don't want to have problems when building.


9 thoughts on “Map: Quadri By: suspiria”

    1. How did you get past 1st platform on Elite story?
      I couldn’t find a way against amazingly strong Racers, who were handing cores to each other shortcutting the circle around the base. And I also only could manage to kill Juggernauts by annoying rerouting (build Boost / sell Boost / build Boost / sell Boost).
      I don’t have this same problem with your or Glenn’s maps, but struggle again with overpowered Racers just like with some previous Suspiria’s maps.
      So maybe i should ask – how do you guys fight Racers? Because here my Temporal/Concussion combos don’t seem to do the trick, like they do on others’ maps.
      Thank you.

      PS: on 2nd and 3rd platform the map becomes fairly easy, on Hard difficulty ofc, because i never have seen those on Elite, lol.

      1. Thank you for your replies guys, and thanks a lot for tips.
        Good news: I was just being an idiot, and lazy on top of that it seems! haha
        I’ve been staring at it all the time damnit, could learn from stages 2 and 3 – all I needed to do to succeed was make much better use of space of 1st platform, to create a longer waving path for creepers.

        It is a thrilling map, great concept, awesome scripting, and some killing creepers combination spawning my way there!
        Lot of challenge, and lots of fun. Thank you 🙂

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