Map: Punch Card By: razcle

Punch Card


Author: razcle
Map Name: Punch Card
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2018-10-13 15:15:42
Last Updated On: 2018-10-13 15:15:43

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- Authors Map Description -

< Commander: The Aliens have been focusing on our remote outposts. Our sensors have extrapolated the intended destination. It is good that you have the Class XI Cheetah at your disposal. You will need it to get to the targeted facility, before the enemy does! >

this map has been tested on Open Elite
thank you OCD and McB

story: - for practice, and to try out paths
story leader board: - 36 waves
super grinder: - 100 waves
super X grinder: - 150 large waves


15 thoughts on “Map: Punch Card By: razcle”

  1. Hi! May ask some help? I downloaded this map, as many time before. I copied to the DG2 folder, where the other maps are. And I try to start the game, and it collapeses. There is a message “game files are corrupt, install again”. Than I delete this map from the DG2 folder, and the game runs perfectly. I tried the same, some other new maps from this site, but the collapses every time with the new maps. Without the new maps the game runs perfectly. Have you got any idea why?

    1. I downloaded this map new after you mentioned your problem and nothing is happening and it works fine.
      One thing you can try that just takes a small amount of time is to uninstall DG2 – log out of steam – log back in and re-install it, sometimes the game needs a refresh.

        1. Weird as I just downloaded it about an hour ago and played it and it worked perfectly.
          Maybe try deleting it fully from DG2 folder – download it again – unpack it into DG2 folder again.
          Also I always delete the file that says its from DG2free to keep the folder contents as clean as possible.
          Hope this helps.

          1. hmmm
            Deleted all evidence of map. Game launches.
            DL other map. Same issues.
            Tried delete DG2free – no change

  2. Thank you for making these cool maps! How do you kill those super waves of Healers? I’ve tried every dang maxed weapon and Healers do not even get a scratch. Lots of these healer waves on the customs maps, they just roll right through.

    1. Hey westcoastsurf they are doable on Open Elite and the key thing is

      it should work quite easily.
      Good luck with it and see how you go.

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