Map: POP By: razcle



Author: razcle
Map Name: POP
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2019-04-25 09:48:01
Last Updated On: 2019-04-25 09:48:03

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- Authors Map Description -

< Commander: One of Neptune's polar satellites is being threatened. Four Alien troop ships are teaming up for this attack. The Polar Orbital Platforms float above Neptune in static or geo-synchronous orbits, maintaining constant positions over the Poles. These orbits require expending more than usual amounts of energy to maintain. The Aliens are after the super enriched Cores that are providing the power. They must be stopped! >

- all towers have unobstructed site lines
- this map has been beaten (all cores intact) on Open Elite -
( thank you ACE® )

- story: ..................................... - 37 waves of assorted aliens with pods for practice, and to try out ideas
- story leaderboard: ........... - 37 waves of assorted aliens with pods - score is saved to leaderboard
- grinder: ................................. - 100 waves of walkers with boss last wave
- super grinder: .................... - 100 waves of assorted aliens - no pods
- super X grinder: ................ - 140 large waves of assorted aliens with pods < Warning > the last waves are strong!



22 thoughts on “Map: POP By: razcle”

    1. What I don’t understand:

      1. the pods are not a large threat …… they are there mostly to harass and increase tension, they do need to be dealt with but the bark is bigger than the bite ……
        i don’t understand the last question, as the pods spawn on the core housing

        1. No, some pods appear in the northern entry, not inside the core housing.
          Beside that I have another problem: sometimes my scores are not saved; already played super grinder two times, but don’t appear in the leaderboards.

          1. regarding the scores …… is there any other issues, particularly can you stop mid mission, exit the game and resume?
            there have been comments about something like this – see ACE®’s response to floydian on
            i don’t know if this helps,
            i don’t know why this happens but it has happened to some people several times over the years
            here is a link to a discussion about it on steam –

          2. Hey Jolly before you do anything to try and fix your game save folder save this file
            ***Make a copy of your game folder 221540 first and put it in another folder***
            That has all your weapon upgrades in it and you dont want to lose them.
            I hope you can fix it

          1. Even without Zacara I only lost one single core.
            And got some more points.
            And still room for improvement…

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