Map: Mouse Trap By: Shark@tak



Author: Shark@tak
Map Name: Mouse_Trap
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2017-08-14 19:28:35
Last Updated On: 2017-08-14 19:28:47

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- Authors Map Description -

We have constructed a Kill Zone near the Cores
Just lure the pesky aliens into the trap

Utilise the command shuttle's ability to add even more killzones if/when needed

Goodluck and Enjoy the carnage


62 thoughts on “Map: Mouse Trap By: Shark@tak”

    1. You’re right Sharky. I’ve tried 1 year ago to create a level. The architecture works fine but I became mad because of the aliens. I wasn’t able to script the appearance of the troups in a right way. Yes, I know there is something like a tutorial, but it isn’t perfect and I’m not a native english-speaker (I bet you noticed that ;-)).

  1. ——For those who are struggling with Gold on maps…Showing pathing and slowing down game—-

  2. Great map, thank you very much!
    I also have problems getting the gold medaille for elite.
    Let’s see whether killing only short before the aliens get the cores improves here…

  3. Is there a “penalty” for using too many towers? I have cleared the map on story and story 60 rounds, both normal difficulty. No loss of cores and yet just shy of Gold… don’t get me wrong, I love the challenge ! But as there is no “score boost” to the boost platforms.. there must be a way.. must find teh secret! lol Back to the drawing board ! 🙂

    1. yes there is a sort of penalty ie if you use less towers your resources are higher which is what gives you the higher score.
      DG1 and DG2 work on the more resources you have the higher your score
      Build only when needed will help 🙂

      1. You get a higher score because your resources have increase a bit before you kill them or is there an other mechanism ?
        I seem to get a lower score when I try for a higher one so I have missed something essential 🙂
        In the “Heart of the Abomination” map it is easy to make the aliens walk a very long path but I get a lower score when I do it. In fact on some maps I struggle to get even bronze score even though I manage my resources carefully. It may have to do with me playing hard mode and not elite like most people here, so perhaps I should try to join the elite 🙂
        Best regards and thanks once more to Sharky who got five starts even though I haven’t tried the map yet 🙂

        1. Hey anst not sure what the quote button does here but it’s a spoiler for those who don’t want to know

          1. Thank you very much OCD and AstraNine !
            I haven’t used Briel much and bunching the aliens together was a good tip too. I now have a lot to try and a lot of fun ahead 🙂

          2. Thanks again !
            I now tried your advice on the Rusty Gold map and got 14 million points more than my previous best. Now I am a gold medal winner ! 🙂
            Best regards
            the golden boy

          3. Mr. Han:

            Points for killing an alien = kca( R – T/4 )/10000

            Difficulty k = 0.95 easy, 1.0 normal, 1.05 hard, and 1.1 elite

            Cores on map c = When cores are out of the housing and still on the map they are worth half. For example 22 in housing and 2 on the map is 22 + 0.5*(2) =23 effective cores in the housing.

            Alien base value a = 10 swarmer, 20 walker, 500 crasher

            Total resources R = starting resources + (10 per second, till last wave spawns) + wave bonuses
            = displayed resources + tower setup resource cost T

            Tower setup resource cost T = total resources spent on the tower setup

            When an alien is killed, the values for the variables at the time of the alien’s death are used to calculate the points for killing it.

      2. Really? I have found the opposite to be true. Like it seems there is a bonus if they are killed very quickly. I have watched my resources score go up by sometimes 1000’s .. even 5000. and yet if those same aliens are allowed to move about and get close to the cores, still get resource bonus but much, much less. Sometimes no bonus at all if they have reached and are carrying cores, except for the largest aliens. hummm.

        1. the resource bonuses are put into the script by the map makers in certain waves and at certain points of the game.
          if you are killing early you will be seeing the bonuses as the waves are finished/dead but when you stretch the wave out the slow aliens (turtles, jugganauts and crashers)might not die until up to 3 waves have passed but you will still get the same bonus, you just wont 100% know which wave it was from.
          On a Shark map for example if you get a huge resource bonus expect hell to be coming…he isn’t that nice 🙂

        1. Yes, all towers at 5 except for temporals, they are at increased slow-down. Everything else is a “5”. Missiles -tachyon, Tesla – shocker, Concussion – depth-charge, Lasers – tachyon. Don’t use guns or inferno much, or cannons, but they are all set on 5 as well. Normally I use Commander Cai but took your suggestion and have been using Brel as of late.

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