Map: Legion By: Grimlar



Author: Grimlar
Map Name: Legion
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2018-12-09 16:47:06
Last Updated On: 2018-12-09 16:47:07

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- Authors Map Description -


This was supposed to be a QAD map, quick and dirty. However it turned out that it was in no way shape or form, quick.

I believe that the map is relatively difficult, although I could of course be mistaken.

Ive left most ornamentation off the map as it is already a large map with a lot of enemies. I hope that you wont expereince any/too much lag, but you have my apologies if you do.


Scoreboost is not available for any mission.
There are options available to buy on the Command Shuttle on all missions.

The following missions are included:
Story, Story Competitive, Story Open, Irritation Competitive & Irritation Open

The Irritation missions are almost identical to the story missions except that you cannot build concussion or missile towers.

Note: The Story (or Campaign) mission does not upload the score to the leaderboards. This is a HPE issue and I cannot fix it. For that reason, this map is considered to be a practice map for players who have few if any Tower Upgrade Items. For everyone else please use Story leaderboards for Comp Hard or Story Ti for Open Elite.

All competitive missions have been beaten on Competitive Hard. All open missions have been beaten on Open Elite. When I say beaten, I mean gold medal scores with no cores lost.

Thanks must go to OCD & Razcle, who have helped with testing this map. All errors, bugs and balance issues are of course my responsibility not theirs.

If you find any mission too easy on Open Elite, then consider trying the Competitive Hard version of the mission, I am told that it is usually harder. If that is still too easy then feel free to try Competitive Elite mode.

If you find the missions to be too easy on Competitive Elite, or find any other issues, then please post a comment below giving as much information as possible whilst avoiding spoilers.

If you find any mission (other than Competitive Elite,) to be too difficult, then please consider the following options.

1) Rewind a couple of waves and try a slightly different strategy.
2) Start again with a different plan in mind
3) Try a different mission type, or drop the difficulty level. Beat that and come back, hopefully with a different point of view.
4) If you still have problems then post a comment either here, or preferably on the Steam Forums asking for advice.

However, I would like to remind people that most players visiting this page will not have played the map yet. Also, that many players prefer to avoid spoilers until after they have had a few goes at a map.

As such, please try to avoid requesting/posting spoilers on THIS page. By all means, request help on the Steam Forums though.

If you feel you must post a spoiler, please give your post a suitable title, ie [SPOILER] and use the spoiler box option to hide the text of the spoiler.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Shark@tak and TheWatcher Donuts for setting up and maintaining the site.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Operation40, partly for helping with setting up the site, but mostly for making the command station tool that allows me to do many things with the DG2 maps that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

I would have stopped making DG2 maps long ago if it werent for their efforts.


21 thoughts on “Map: Legion By: Grimlar”

  1. Please cut the waves in 30 instead of 10, every time you go back it is 10 minutes of waiting to see if what you did is effectiv or not, it is too long.

    Did someone beat this one in hard or elite competitive ?
    Just curious on how to beat those flying waves and making a path like some stated above.

    1. Thank you for playing the map.

      The reason there are only 10 missions is to work around a problem in the game. Specifically the save file for the maps has a limit of 10MB, and in that it needs to save up to 20 checkpoints, or a limit of about 500kb. for a map with a lot of enemies on that can be quite difficult. By only having 10 waves, it means that the checkpoints cn be twice the size, and therefore there can be more aliens in the wave.

      I heavily play test every map every map I release to the tune of dozens of hours if not several hundred, and check every competitive mission on comp hard. The open elite missions are tested by OCD/AceOptics. Some maps receive additional testing from other players in addition to that.

      In so far as possible I only release maps that I guarantee can be completed at the stated difficulty or easier and I dont usually release maps with bugs/issues that I know about. I have waited anything up to 2 or 3 years for a bug fix or to find a work around.

      If you are still struggling with the map tomorrow post a reply here and i will try and post something to help. Good luck.

  2. Good news for those , like me, who struggles with the game crashing all the time !
    I removed all the custom maps and only installed a few and it seems that the crashes have disappeared.
    This might be because some buggy map created the problems or that I had too many. I have downloaded all maps I could find so I have a few

    I also moved the game files in steam from my D drive back to the C drive but I don’t think this fixed anything since I’ve tried it before.
    I have now played three big maps without a crash and before I usually couldn’t even start a map so this is a big difference.
    I have seen before that a buggy map might cause DG2 to crash so perhaps this was the reason. I plan at some time to try to find out which by installing half the maps and see if the bug appears and so on.

    So if you have problems with the game crashing, try to rename the C:\Users\\Documents\DG2 folder and create a new. Then just install f.ex. new maps that you want to try and perhaps some favourites and see if this helps.

    I will copy this message to the comment section of some more maps so hopefully everybody will see it. If this works for anybody else (or not) please leave a message here.
    Best regards

    1. Congratulations on at least temporarily fixing your installation. Fingers crossed that you manage to find out which map/maps are causing problems. One point I would make is that it might be worth testing each specific map creator (who has made multiple maps,) seperately. From the point of view that if they make this error in one map they probably made it in several.

  3. Thank you to everyone who has played the map, and likewise to those who have left feedback for it. You are why we make these maps. Seasons greeting to you all and I wish you a better New Year.

  4. To the person who left a 2 star vote, Im sorry you didnt like the map.

    Perhaps you could leave a comment saying what the problem is?
    That way I at least have a chance to fix it, and other players have a chance to decide whether its worththe risk.

        1. My apologies for the duration, I was aiming for a bigger map with lots of aliens.
          I wimped out and you are left with this shorter version.
          The next one will be smaller/shorter I promise.

          1. Yes, but I believe with six (or max eight) boosters you can already block enough to have nearly the perfect path. 🙂

          2. And irritation is a great idea!
            Would like to see more people trying this out on open elite.
            Please. 🙂

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