Map: HDN8 3V2 By: Grimlar



Author: Grimlar
Map Name: HDN8-3V2
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2018-09-26 18:14:19
Last Updated On: 2018-09-27 09:39:16

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- Authors Map Description -

Helical DN8-3 V2

This is a revamp of an early map that was made before we had access to the command station tool.

One of our more remote mining platforms, Helical DN8-3 is under attack. We cant afford to lose those resources, so you'd better get a move on Commander.

Scoreboost is not available for any mission.

The Command Shuttle is there for information purposes only. There are no options.

The following missions are included in both Competitive and Open form:
Story, Super Grinder, Super Grider V2, Baseless, Focal Point, Frozen Core, Fully Loaded, Grinder, Heavy5, No Red Towers, Out Of Bullets, Power Outage, Tower Limit, Turbo5 plus of course the required mission, Story (Campaign).

The Story (Campaign)mission is intended as a practice mission as the scores dont get uploaded. This is a HPE issue and I cannot fix it.

Competitive missions are intended to be played on Competitive Hard difficulty and Open missions are intended to be played on Open Elite. You can play them on other difficulty levels but the gold medal scores will be less relevant.

The Competitive missions have all been beaten on Competitive Hard. The Open missions have been beaten on Open Elite.
When I say beaten, I mean gold medal scores with no cores lost.

Thanks must go to OCD, Sir Mien, Razcle who have helped with testing this map and Arthurs Foot who helped testing the original map. All errors, bugs and balance issues are of course my responsibility not theirs.

If you find any mission too easy on Open Elite, then consider trying the Competitive Hard version of the mission, I am told that it is usually harder. If that is still too easy then feel free to try Competitive Elite mode.

If you find the missions to be too easy on Competitive Elite, or find any other issues, then please post a comment below giving as much information as possible whilst avoiding spoilers.

If you find any mission (other than Competitive Elite,) to be too difficult, then please consider the following options.

1) Rewind a couple of waves and try a slightly different strategy.
2) Start again with a different plan in mind
3) Try a different mission type, or drop the difficulty level. Beat that and come back, hopefully with a different point of view.
4) If you still have problems then post a comment either here, or preferably on the Steam Forums asking for advice.

However, I would like to remind people that most players visiting this page will not have played the map yet. Also, that many players prefer to avoid spoilers until after they have had a few goes at a map.

As such, please try to avoid requesting/posting spoilers on THIS page. By all means, request help on the Steam Forums though.
If you feel you must post a spoiler, please give your post a suitable title, ie [SPOILER] and use the spoiler box option to hide the text of the spoiler.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Shark@tak and TheWatcher Donuts for setting up and maintaining the site.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Operation40, partly for helping with setting up the site, but mostly for making the command station tool that allows me to do many things with the DG2 maps that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

I would have stopped making DG2 maps long ago if it werent for their efforts.


18 thoughts on “Map: HDN8 3V2 By: Grimlar”

          1. The missions I named should only take about as long as the relevant story mission to play.

            But I so appreciate that everyone could do with an extra couple of hours spare time in their day 🙂

          1. I was trying for something a little nearer to how dg1 played, where shields mattered etc.
            There are at least a few maps that have a baseless mission attached to them.
            I think Quad, Festive Pumpkin, Flower V2, Festive Greetings, Festive Turkey, Festive Tree are the ones to check.
            Any problems with them, let me know.

  1. the map is amazing on its own …… well thought out and constructed ( in terms of play-ability and visual appeal ) …. and then when all the modes are considered …… it is a true gem!

    the hours of testing and editing involved to create and balance all those modes must have been staggering

    thank you for your time, effort, skill and dedication

    1. It takes a while yes, although the Festive Pumpkin map still easily leads in the ‘most time taken to make’ category, there was just so much time taken to identify and figure out different scripts for the save file bug, which only really affected the longer missions, so each playthrough took a while. The next longest may well have been the Quad map, which was the first one I think I did my own scripts and missions for, so there was a lot of trial and error to figure stuff out. Sad to say that both maps will have taken hundreds of hours to make.

  2. Thank you.
    I know they aren’t that popular with some players, but the original had a number of modes, so I felt this one had to do the same.
    All I can hope is that some players will try something in addition to the usual story and super grinder missions.
    The descriptions for the missions are usually reasonably clear on what to do.

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