Map: Ghost Ship By: razcle

Ghost Ship


Author: razcle
Map Name: Ghost Ship
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2019-08-17 19:24:32
Last Updated On: 2019-08-18 14:00:11

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- Authors Map Description -

< Commander : a diplomatic courier ship is under attack, it has been damaged by an impact with space debris and is limping back to the Mars orbiting repair yards on 1/4 power. The Aliens are aware of its vulnerability and are attempting a raid. Stop them! >
< This is a high speed space craft designed for more than diplomatic excursions. It is equipped with full stealth and espionage capabilities as well as hidden defensive features. It is imperative that no aliens leave the vessel, its hidden capabilities must remain secret. >

- i think this map will give you good entertainment ..... it is not easy, but is do-able
- this map has defensive upgrades that can be bought from the command shuttle
- the story and story leaderboard missions are the same script, the only difference is that the story leaderboard allows scores to be saved and you to see how well you've done compared to other players
- it has been completed successfully on Open Elite - gold achieved and all cores retained
- thank you
AceOpticsAU ( aka ACE® ) for all the many hours of testing
Grimlar for helping with renaming files

Modes for this Map

.... 40 waves of assorted aliens with pods
story leaderboard:
.... 40 waves of assorted aliens with pods - score is saved to leaderboard
.... 102 waves of walkers - with a Boss last wave
super grinder:
.... 90 large custom waves of assorted aliens



13 thoughts on “Map: Ghost Ship By: razcle”

  1. Playing tip for this map and any split map

    Hope that helps

    1. I love the clean graphics. I needed every tower space filled and towers at red levels to get through the Super Grinder.
      It is very difficult when played on elite to not lose cores.
      Thanks again for this challenging map.

  2. I am sorry ……. the first version of this map i uploaded did not have the gold set for the story missions.
    It is now set to 20 million in version 2.
    To those 16 people who have already downloaded the map ….. that is the only change.
    Again, i am sorry i forgot to set that before the map was set free. Enjoy!

        1. i set it up so you will have the resources for the shuttle upgrade you need, before you need it …… budgeting your resources so you can balance the tower building and upgrading with the shuttle options is part of this maps challenge

          1. 10000 !!! How ?
            I didn’t play for more than 6 months because the game was crashing all the times, I cleaned my maps folder and the game is playable again but those last maps, their just hard.
            I ended up doing the same thing on every map because their health is overpowered and there is no other ways of killing them for me (open elite).

            I’m probably very bad at this game but if one of those super player can make a video of all those very hard maps and show me how bad I am, I’d like to learn (competitive elite).

          2. suspiria ….
            – the program i use to compile the maps – Command Station – has the competition modes selected by default and i forget to change those settings. My maps are only tested on Open…….. i test them on normal to see if they work right, then i tune the waves and test on hard and then, because i am not a strong player and get creamed on elite i send them to AceOpticsAU to see if they are do-able on elite, if not we edit and retest until he is able to beat it …… then i back it off a little bit, and set it free
            – yes the last few have been challenging …… if you want to send me a friend request i can share some screenshots of setups and strategies

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