Map: Festive Greetings By: Grimlar

Festive - Greetings


Author: Grimlar
Map Name: Festive - Greetings
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2015-12-01 18:45:42
Last Updated On: 2015-12-01 18:45:43

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- Authors Map Description -

Another Christmas themed map.

At the moment this map offers:
Story, Artillery, Baseless, DeepFreeze, Fixed Resources, Focal Point, Frozen Core, Green Towers Only, Grinder, Minimalist, No Red Towers, Out Of Time, Out Of Bullets, Short Sighted, Super Grinder, Tower Limit

Its balanced to be played on Competitive (No Sell) Normal with some missions on Hard. It may work on other mission types/difficulties, but they havent been tested.

The release of this map has been a little more hurried than normal due to other (seasonal) demands on our time. So if you do find any problems please accept our apologies and let me know what is wrong so it can be fixed.

Thank you as always to Miendiem, FCP1969 and Arthurs Foot for testing and also Shark@tak, MM:Donuts and Operation40 for setting up this website and Operation40 again for the command station tool. Any and all errors are of course my responsibility, not theirs.

Again, if you find any errors or any unobtainable medals please let me know.

I hope you all have a good festive season and a better new year.


This is a rerelease of a map first made available in Dec 2014. It is released as is to maintain compatibility with the leaderboards. Its balance may be off. The intention is to release a V2 if I have time this year.

Please report any errors or any mission/ difficulty combos that seem overly easy or challenging.

I will try to fix any bugs, but balance issues will have to wait for V2 to be released.


4 thoughts on “Map: Festive Greetings By: Grimlar”

  1. Well another five stars from me at least. Cannot think why anybody would not like this map. Personally I love all your maps Grimlar, thank-you for your hard work.

    1. Thank you for the compliment and the vote.

      I could just chalk it up to different people, different tastes.

      But Im concerned that there may be a problem I need to fix. I’ve worked with computers for too long to believe there aren’t any, or to get upset by people reporting bugs. Embaressed or guilty maybe 🙂

      As an example, I know that I missed a bulwark in the grinder script for one of the maps… (anybody spotted it?) might be quad, but I believe it dies so fast that no one is likely to notice it. It will get fixed when I update the map next time but theres other stuff thats higher priority at the moment. Likewise FCP1969 reported that I hadnt removed all the boost towers from one of the baseless missions. Easy to fix, but Id missed it in testing.

      Things slip through, and if reported can often be quickly fixed and a new version posted.

      At least thats the hope.

  2. To anyone intending to leave a low score, if you dont like the map, thats fine.
    But please, since it mattered to you enough to vote, at least leave a comment saying why you dont like it.
    To warn other players away from this awful map at the very least 🙂

    1. To clarify the previous comment, here is how I see the voting system working.
      1 = Avoid. Does not work as intended.
      2= Avoid. Works but is dreadful to play. ie Far too hard/easy.
      3= Average. Works but nothing special,
      4=Good. Works well, reasonable to play.
      5= Very good. Well made, interesting to play.

      As such, I would be concerned with anything less than a 3, because to me that implies there is something actually, objectively wrong with the map that needs fixing.

      Having said that, I accept there are many reasons/problems why someone might rate a map lower.

      For example, it could be: too easy/hard, too long/short, too big/small, too many/few bosses, too much/little colour or effects, colourblind issues, religious/moral objections to the killing of aliens for entertainment especially at Christmas, you may even object to Christmas. It could even be an objection to me personally, stranger things have happened. Im sure there are plenty of other objections that you can come up with.

      At least some of these issues can be fixed either in this map or the next one, all of them can be commented on to warn other players of the potential problem.

      It has also been suggested to me by a couple of people that it could just be a troll vote, that they probably havent even played the map. To be honest, whilst it is obviously possible, I dont want to believe that. I think you have to register to comment/vote on a map and this is a relatively small community, so what would be the point? As such, I prefer to believe there is a problem that can be addressed and hopefully fixed.

      At the end of the day valid feedback is the first step to dealing with the problem.
      So, please, do say what it is that concerns you about this or any map.

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