Map: Devious Artifice By: razcle

Devious Artifice


Author: razcle
Map Name: Devious Artifice
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2018-12-19 18:08:15
Last Updated On: 2018-12-19 18:08:17

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- Authors Map Description -

< Commander: High Command has been so successful that the Defence Program has faded from popular concerns, resulting in less funds budgeted our way. We need to come up with a better strategy than chasing the Aliens all over the Solar System. >
< The moon Ganymede, Jupiter's largest, has had many attempts at Terra-Forming and is starting to support a life sustaining atmosphere. It is far too cold for most forms of life, but carbon and oxygen are starting to cycle. There is a large building complex there that was used to house the workers during the construction of the Terra-Forming engines. High Command has commandeered it to house a remote " Think Tank ", to explore inexpensive and effective alternatives to the present policy of pursuit and exterminate - find a smarter way to fight. >
< Commander: They must be threatened by the research this facility is exploring because the moon has been attacked by the Alien hordes. It is not a high yield target in terms of Core capacity. The only reason for this offensive is the Aliens are afraid, and seek to eliminate the threat. The Aliens seem to have "bigger jock straps than helmets" ( more balls than brains ) to attack this complex, or they are truly scared - we have the advantage with plenty of resources and room for towers . >
< Commander: Your Mission is to protect the installation and establish a viable defence grid on the moon. >


- thanks to an idea of OCD's, this map was an attempt at something a little different:
- it didn't work out as originally conceived ( due to limitations in the game itself ) - but - the map still offers a fun challenge
- it has been tested and beaten on Open Elite
- Gold achieved with all Cores intact

story: ..................................... 36 waves assorted aliens - practice mode
story leaderboard: .......... 36 waves assorted aliens - compare score with others
super grinder: ................... 150 waves of assorted aliens
grinder: ................................ 100 waves of walkers with a Boss wave at the end



13 thoughts on “Map: Devious Artifice By: razcle”

  1. Thanks once more for a nice map !

    Good news for those , like me, who struggles with the game crashing all the time !
    I removed all the custom maps and only installed a few and it seems that the crashes have disappeared.
    This might be because some buggy map created the problems or that I had too many. I have downloaded all maps I could find so I have a few 🙂

    I also moved the game files in steam from my D drive back to the C drive but I don’t think this fixed anything since I’ve tried it before.
    I have now played three big maps without a crash and before I usually couldn’t even start a map so this is a big difference.
    I have seen before that a buggy map might cause DG2 to crash so perhaps this was the reason. I plan at some time to try to find out which by installing half the maps and see if the bug appears and so on.

    So if you have problems with the game crashing, try to rename the C:\Users\\Documents\DG2 folder and create a new. Then just install f.ex. new maps that you want to try and perhaps some favourites and see if this helps.

    I will copy this message to the comment section of some more maps so hopefully everybody will see it. If this works for anybody else (or not) please leave a message here.
    Best regards

    1. i found that too many maps in the DG2 folder is problematic ……… i tend to have less than 8 maps in that folder now
      and move maps in and out as i want to play them

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