Map: CM Prototype By: razcle

CM Prototype


Author: razcle
Map Name: CM Prototype
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2020-12-18 11:08:21
Last Updated On: 2020-12-18 11:08:23

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- Authors Map Description -

< Commander : The Aliens are launching a raid on the first outpost to
experiment with the mobile core housing technology. The housing moves
back and forth, keeping two systems fully energized. They are mostly
semi-independent, but share much of the same infrastructure, making
this outpost easier to defend than your last engagement at CM122. >

- a fun frag fest ........ a thoughtful challenge ........ i was trying for both

- < story A > and < super grinder A > have the core housing parked at one
end of the map and the < story B > and < super grinder B > have the core
housings at the opposite end
- the housing is static and does not move on these missions

- the < story LB challenge >, the < grinder > and the < super G challenge >
will have the core housing bounce back and forth, every five waves,
between two different locations on the map ....... any cores that are not
seated in the housing when it moves will start floating to the new location
- i have chosen 5 wave intervals as they are easy to remember and the
quicker changes allows for a more balanced construction of defences

- i set the achievement award levels ( gold, silver, etc. ) based on
my scores playing Elite level without using score boosts .... all cores were

- if you find anything that i might have missed or messed up,
please let me know in the comments, so i can try to fix it



< story > :
......... 30 waves - easiest mission - scores not saved to leaderboard
< story A leaderboard > :
......... 30 waves - Cores are stationary
< story B leaderboard > :
......... 30 waves - Cores are stationary
< story LB challenge > :
......... 40 large waves - Cores move back and forth every 5 waves
< grinder > :
......... 100 waves of Walkers - Boss last wave
< super grinder A > :
......... 80 waves - Cores are stationary
< super grinder B > :
......... 80 waves - - Cores are stationary
< super G challenge > :
......... 140 waves - Cores move back and forth every 5 waves


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14 days ago

These maps are amazing!!! Thanks so much for doing them. I wish I could work out how people get such high scores on them.

18 days ago

I agree with what rayfighter said down below.
Amazing what you created!
Thanks! 🙂

1 month ago

The waves never seem to start. I’ve been waiting several minutes now since I placed the first tower. Bug or feature?

Reply to  razcle
30 days ago

Do those first towers have to be built in any specific place on this map? I have placed 6 towers and after several minutes, no first wave.

Reply to  chrisjmartini
30 days ago

Actually, I had to keep building towers before the wave started. At least 11 boost towers and 6 of the other type.

Reply to  chrisjmartini
30 days ago

It’s a cool map btw!

Reply to  chrisjmartini
29 days ago

The first game mode does take time to start, and starts with walkers (I thought I mistakenly started grinder), but it does work eventually. You just get the free time to look around and think, which is nice 🙂 But slightly confusing since nothing is happening, I agree.
It was great fun to be inventing loooong windy path for the super G challenge! No issues in any modes as far as i can tell. Well done, thanks razcle! Your previous map with switching cores was inventive already, this one now feels like home, and even more evolved. Planning the route for aliens and separated route for cores flowing from one place to just switched place is completely new gameplay bit we never had before. This idea and its realization is really something. Great job!

Reply to  razcle
28 days ago

my brain apparently auto-corrected for it, because your correction reply made me go “what!!?” 😀