Map: CM P4 By: Grimlar



Author: Grimlar
Map Name: CM-P4
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2019-10-17 15:18:56
Last Updated On: 2019-10-17 15:18:56

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- Authors Map Description -

Cubical Moments - Part 4

To climb so high, to risk it all, the dream of flight, the sirens call

Dont look down, so far to fall, we need more power, we need more cores.


Available modes include: Story, Grinder, Focal Point, No Red Towers, Fully Loaded, Out Of Bullets, Frozen Core, Tower Limit, Super Grinder. The aliens in Story, Frozen Core and Grinder missions do not have any shields. The scripts are different for each of the mission types and all are standard HPE scripts.

Competitive missions can only be played in competitive modes and are tested on Competitive No Sell Hard. Open missions give the aliens extra health and are tested on Open Elite difficulty, it is expected that you will need to use Tower Upgrade Items.

Note. The Story/Campaign mission does not upload the score to the leaderboard, this is not something I can fix, it is a HPE issue. For this reason the Story/Campaign mission is considered to be a practice mission aimed at people who have few if any Tower Upgrade Items. As such, please use the Story - Competitive or Story - Open missions if you want to compete on the leaderboards.


This map is a follow on from Part 3. It follows the pattern of slightly more tower build locations, although there are no command shuttle options. Hopefully it provides a different challange to Parts 1 or 2. The spawn scripts for the different challenge modes are the same as for Parts 1,2 & 3 although the difficulties and gold medal scores may have been adjusted slightly to suit the map.

I am still hoping to release a few more in this series although the number of tower tiles available will continue to be higher than in the first two maps.


All Competitive missions have been beaten on Competitive No Sell Hard without losing any cores or aliens.
All Open missios have been beaten on Open Elite without losing any cores or aliens.

Thank you to ACE, Razcle and Siclid for helping to test this map. Any errors are my responsibility not theirs.

A reminder for anyone who plays any Focal Point mission, not just the one on this map, enemies killed by the cursor do not add to your score. Damaging them seems to be fine but it will speed them up. You can also use the cursor to speed up the cores as they return to the Power Core Housing.

If you find the map too easy on any of the Open Elite missions, then consider trying the Competitive Hard/Elite version of the mission, I am told that these are usually harder.

If you find the missions to be too easy on Competitive Elite, or find any other issues, then please post a comment below giving as much information as possible whilst avoiding spoilers.

If you find any mission (other than Competitive Elite,) to be too difficult, then please consider the following options.

1) Rewind a couple of waves and try a slightly different strategy.
2) Start again with a different plan in mind
3) Try a different mission type, or drop the difficulty level. Beat that and come back, hopefully with a different point of view.
4) If you still have problems then post a comment either here, or preferably on the Steam Forums asking for advice.

However, I would like to remind people that some players visiting this page will not have played the map yet. Also, that many players prefer to avoid spoilers until after they have had a few goes at a map.

As such, please try to avoid requesting/posting spoilers on THIS page. By all means, request help on the Steam Forums though.
If you feel you must post a spoiler, please give your post a suitable title, ie [SPOILER] and use the spoiler box option to hide the text of the spoiler.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Shark@tak and TheWatcher Donuts for setting up and maintaining the site.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Operation40, partly for helping with setting up the site, but mostly for making the command station tool that allows me to do many things with the DG2 maps that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

I would have stopped making DG2 maps long ago if it werent for their efforts.


6 thoughts on “Map: CM P4 By: Grimlar”

  1. Still like it.
    Especially that I have to play the competitive mode again. It is much more challenge and fun then the open mode.
    But very hard (is it doable on elite?)…

    1. I test maps on competitive hard.
      So, it may be possible on elite but Im sorry to say I have neither the skill nor the time to check. It already takes a long time to check on competitive hard, to ensure that it is beatable on that.

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