Map: A Moment In Time By: originalglenn

A Moment In Time


Author: originalglenn
Map Name: A Moment In Time
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2020-11-15 04:08:50
Last Updated On: 2020-11-15 04:08:52

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- Authors Map Description -

A moment (momentum) was a medieval unit of time. The movement of a shadow on a sundial covered 40 moments in a solar hour, a twelfth of the period between sunrise and sunset. The length of a solar hour depended on the length of the day, which, in turn, varied with the season.[1] Although the length of a moment in modern seconds was therefore not fixed, on average, a moment corresponded to 90 seconds. A solar day can be divided into 24 hours of either equal or unequal lengths,[2][3] the former being called natural or equinoctial, and the latter artificial. The hour was divided into four puncta (quarter-hours), ten minuta, or 40 momenta.[4]
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So this map needs a good set up to start with ( particularly the grinder mission)

It also has a bug in the grinder mission which means (sometimes)when you restart DG2 you will get a crash report (it still saves high scores) and Ive spent weeks trying to solve it and its time to move on to the next map. I tossed up whether to upload it but figured its still playable so why not. So here you go..................


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