Map: 3RD By: suspiria



Author: suspiria
Map Name: 3RD
Intended Audience: forever free maps
Submitted On: 2020-05-12 11:07:23
Last Updated On: 2020-05-12 11:17:04

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- Authors Map Description -

Hello to all, this is my first map for DG2.

Due to the global situation and the fact that I'm working at home I have more time and decided to try to make a map for DG2. This is how it ended and why it is called 3RD, it is the 3rd iteration of it and everything is working as it should.

Before any description, I would like to thanks Razcle, without him nothing would be working like it is right now and all the scripts used for the modes are from him.
So if you like the map don't forgett to thank him also because he helped me a lot with tons of little or not so little shitty things during the creation of the map.

Modes for this Map
< story >
........ 45 waves - score does not save to leaderboard
< story leaderboard >
........ 45 waves
< super grinder >
........ 140 large waves
< super X grinder >
........ 90 large waves - very long script

The map transform in sXg at waves 20 and 40 then you have the complete map.
In SG the map is open by default.
In story and SL the map is half open and will stay like this.
You can buy 2 groups of flying islands for missiles.

I hope you will enjoy it and please if you find any bugs or something that is not working tell me. The map was tested by me and Razcle but we could have forgot something.

And excuse me if there is errors in the text, english is not my mother tongue.

Have fun.


14 thoughts on “Map: 3RD By: suspiria”

  1. Fantastic map, really thought provoking to get the best defence sorted. Been on it a couple of weeks now and just getting (what I think) are the best strategies. Well done, really enjoyable in the glum days.

  2. Thank you for the map Suspiria. Thought I was playing Razcle’s work…your first? Impressive!
    However, was there an attempt to make the Story map transform? It did transform after the last alien was killed.
    Very challenging map and alien waves! That setup with Turtles carrying heavy Juggernauts was a nasty trick! 😀

    And to other players, anybody managed to win this one on Elite? I have only managed to win at Hard level, and even that without any medal, couldn’t reach to bronze. (just “won” the game, saving all the cores)

    1. The transform is for the longer modes, in story/SL you don’t need it. And at the end it is just the ship and the tunnel that goes down.
      I got gold on all modes in elite and Razcle also I think. You have to secure the core first and make the aliens enter from 1 point, it make things easier.

      1. I did secure the core by Temporals and Concussions, blocked all the entrances but one, raised Platforms1, built couple of Missiles against heavy aliens, and Meteors against those fast fkers.
        But then come the runners who are more tough than the first waves red heavy monsters, and they steal cores away.
        I can kill waves of Juggernauts with Orbital Laser. But I cannot get past the Runners wave I guess. (on Elite difficulty)
        I will keep returning to this map to maybe try some secondary boiling spot, but right now I am out of options, and out of money to build more defences too. I love the challenge, just wanted to leave it here, that this is probably the hardest map I have ever played. And I was wondering if others have the same experience.

        1. Similar. 🙂
          Probably it’s impossible to kill them all at the hot spot round the core housing.
          You need to create a longer return path, and then get them one after another.

        2. My scores are saved again so you have my score in elite without using orbital.
          Wave 24 is hard but if you have the right path, the 2 waves of jugs before take the cores and the racer go through, you don’t have to kille them, they don’t steal anything. Then you just kill the jugs

  3. Wow, what a surprise!
    It’s good looking, so I can’t await starting to play…
    (I hope my scores will save, for a lot of other maps it already don’t)

    1. A map that lets you feel save, but then attacks with a next even stronger wave of aliens. Great! Fun!
      Unfortunately my scores are not saved to the leaderboards, so not visible.
      Keep on going!

        1. Surprisingly for the grinder maps my scores are saved. 😮
          But they take so long that I won’t play them again on a higher difficulty level…

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