Win7 Custom Map Install Tutorial

TheWatcherAl walks you through how to install custom maps into DG2 on a Win 7 OS.

Lets Watch.

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          1. I was able to play CnSq on my Win 7 w/o issue.

            Win 10 users have reported issues with custom maps for a long time.
            Go inside the CnSq folder and check to make sure the folder name is the same as the
            map name .dgwbin inside, eg folder “test” should have “test.dgwbin” inside.

            If Win 10 has made them different somehow edit the name to change the names to be the same and doing so should clear the error.

  1. Played forever free maps on my Windows 7 machine, worked great! Now I upgraded to a Windows 10 machine, and there are no specific instructions for Windows 10.

    Tried the Windows 7 instructions on where to place custom maps, and it doesn’t work.

    Can we get directions for installing free maps on Windows 10 machines?

    Thank you.

    1. I don’t know why it won’t play on your windows 10 , it certainly works on mine
      windows 10 64 bit
      Are you sure you made a DG2 folder and not a dg2 folder ? (capitals)
      path – C:\Users\”your user account”\Documents\DG2
      You could try running it in ” Win 7 Compatability” mode or ” run as administrator ” ?
      other than that, i have no idea


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