Win7 Custom Map Install Tutorial

TheWatcherAl walks you through how to install custom maps into DG2 on a Win 7 OS.

Lets Watch.

4 thoughts on “Win7 Custom Map Install Tutorial”

  1. Played forever free maps on my Windows 7 machine, worked great! Now I upgraded to a Windows 10 machine, and there are no specific instructions for Windows 10.

    Tried the Windows 7 instructions on where to place custom maps, and it doesn’t work.

    Can we get directions for installing free maps on Windows 10 machines?

    Thank you.

    1. I don’t know why it won’t play on your windows 10 , it certainly works on mine
      windows 10 64 bit
      Are you sure you made a DG2 folder and not a dg2 folder ? (capitals)
      path – C:\Users\”your user account”\Documents\DG2
      You could try running it in ” Win 7 Compatability” mode or ” run as administrator ” ?
      other than that, i have no idea


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