Install Custom Maps?


Step 1

Using a program like WinZip or WinRar - unpack the folder you downloaded to your hard drive desktop.

Step 2

Windows Vista / 7 / 8

Cut / Paste the files to your "Libraries/Documents/DG2/(MAP FOLDER NAME)" folder

My Documents DG2 Folder

My Documents DG2 Inside Folder

I don't have a DG2 folder

From "Joker" a HPE developer
- If you don't have a DG2 folder, just go ahead and create one in My Documents.
The game will look for custom levels there.
Make sure there is no space between DG and 2.

Windows XP

Cut / Paste the files to your "My Documents/DG2/(MAP FOLDER NAME)" folder

I don't have a DG2 folder

From "Joker" a HPE developer
- If you don't have a DG2 folder, just go ahead and create one in My Documents.
The game will look for custom levels there.
Make sure there is no space between DG and 2.

Mac Users / OSX

Information provided by Steam forms user "fab4".

The location to install custom map files is shown below for OSX 10.6, 10.8, 10.9 and 10.11 is:
"Users/user_name/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata/user_id/221540/local"

Note: For OSX 10.8 and earlier, the "Users/Library/Application Support" and all lower level folders are hidden.
OSX 10.11 and later complicates viewing this folder because the folder will remain hidden even after turning on invisible files/folders in Finder with Tinkertool

Unless you enjoy using a command line "fab4" recommends you skip the "Terminal" and instead download "Path Finder", an alternate file browser from "Path Finder" is $40, but you can try it for 30 days for free.
Run "Path Finder", select (View), (Show Invisible files), and you can navigate to the correct path listed above.

Select the DG2 folder and select (File - Make Alias). Now drag the DG2 Alias to your desktop. Now it's a simple matter of downloading and unzipping the maps from DG2FreeMaps on your desktop and dragging them to the DG2 Alias. You should not need to use "Path Finder" again and can uninstall it.


Cut / Paste the files to your

Step 3

Launch DG2 through Steam

In The MAIN MENU - Select "Custom Levels"

FAQ DG2 main menu pic

Then Scroll on Right Side ARROWS (twice) until you see the "Local" map menu

FAQ scroll page

You should now see a list of the local maps you have installed

FAQ local maps

39 thoughts on “Install Custom Maps?”

  1. I’m using Linux Mint and I can’t add the maps I downloaded.
    The path:
    does not exist in my filesystem. What does the // after userdata stand for? The only similar path I can find is:
    I tried to put the extracted map folders in there but they don’t show up as local custom maps.
    Can someone please point me to the correct path.
    Thank you for this great project! I loved both DG games and I’m excited to try user created maps!

    1. i don’t use linux so i don’t know if it is similar to the windows …….
      but the user made maps get put in a DG2 folder in My Documents ( in Windows)
      i have a friend who uses linux and i think his maps are in a similar place …

  2. Tried one of the free maps, downloaded it, unzipped it, put it correct folder. DG2 will not start, remove free map from folder and DG2 starts? ANyone know what I am doing wrong ?

  3. Hi, as of today, my custom maps stopped working. After you click “Custom levels” it just sits at “downloading custom levels”. This is occurring on two PC’s have access to. They were working just fine the last time I played them about a week ago. I have played maybe 4 custom maps to the end with a LOT of play time. I get no errors. One PC is a Win 7 x86 and one is Win 10 gamer PC.

    Thanks for any ideas you have to fix this. Is there a steam update that caused this or something?


      1. Seems like the problem could be with steam or with Hidden Paths servers but a quick work around is to launch steam in offline mode, doing so will let you get past the “downloading custom levels” hangup.

        Hope that helps 🙂

          1. This fixed itself already yesterday and is now working fine. Steam must have put out a patch or something.

          2. This problem came back a day after my last reply, but working offline does allow the custom maps to work.

    1. I have no idea RQG 🙁 we all hope you can
      maybe you should ask Hidden Path that question ?
      can Anyone with a PS4 Help please ?
      much appreciated if you can.
      cheers sharky

      1. From Hidden Path:

        Can we use custom maps on a console?
        “custom maps are a feature only on Steam and aren’t supported in the console versions”

        Would be a cool feature to add…
        “it would be awesome. It didn’t get built as console support was much more complex than on Steam.”

  4. Can anybody help me? I have placed the unzipped map folders in the DG2 folder (self-made) within my Documents. The maps are not displayed at local custom levels in the game menu. Any ideas? Thank you.

          1. Thank you for giving it some thoughts. No, my user name has no spaces/special characters. I would be very happy if we could make it work, just let me know, if you come up with other ideas. Thank you again.

          2. If you are using Win 7 or 8 try creating a new computer user, call it “test”, install Steam, install DG2, create the folder in your “C:\Users\test\Documents” folder, put the unzipped map folder into the “DG2” folder you created and run the game, see if that works for you.

          3. Unfortunately I can’t install the maps. I changed my username to Test. I made the DG2 folder, I reinstall steam, then DG2 and the game can’t see the maps. I use WIN7, 64bit.
            I’m sad, because I love DG2 and I have no any ideas how to install the maps.

        1. Hi,
          I’m not shure if my problem is same anyway I have always played with custom maps without problems. By some days I noticed that I cannot found the latest in the custom list.
          Now I try to move some maps in other TEMP folder… Stay tuned… 😉

    1. made some of my own map’s
      each map gets its own folder whit the name of the map, i tryd changeing the map name or putting the maps into 1 folder and when i boot up dg2 it crashes telling me data corrupted pleaze reinstall

      1. you can’t change the name of your map Unless you recompile your map to change it ,

        And you have to leave the default folder setup.

        But you CAn put each ****.dgw in it’s own folder b4 compiling



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