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41 thoughts on “Give Us Feedback”

  1. Wow ……. it’s been a year since i last left a post and thanked you …… the fact that there has been no posts in the last year about issues with the site, is proof of the quality service that you have provided the DG2 Community.
    Thank you, thank you very much!

    1. We are very proud that the site works as well as it does. There are parts of the site we wish we could fix and make better but without the funding to do so the current site should last another year or two.

  2. Thank You!
    – for all the work you do to keep the site up and running so smoothly ….. it is a commitment that can easily become onerous and repetitively tedious
    – i appreciate the quality of your time and energy
    Happy First of July!
    (i’m Canadian)

  3. There is a reproducible bug with Chrome.
    – Login
    – Got to “FOREVER FREE MAPS”
    – Filter Maps By: “Maps I haven’t downloaded”
    – You will see a blank screen from now on until you remove the cookies for this site. Restarting browser or logging out doesn’t resolve the issue.

    the workaround with a wart (it clears ALL cookies for the past hour):
    go to chrome://settings/
    select advanced at the bottom
    clear browsing data
    time range last hour
    and DONT Filter Maps By: “Maps I haven’t downloaded”

    1. ps
      sorry to post as a comment but read above ^^^ “If, however, you have an issue and need to contact the admin team directly please [admin_user_messages_contactus].”
      Don’t know how to reach you but I think you would like to fix this :-).

      1. Thanks for helping find issues on the site, for this issue you found it was intentional disabled, for now at-least. We intentionally disabled the form popup due to spam but may bring it back. Right now leaving a comment for us here on this post page is currently the best way to reach us or tell us of any site issues. As backup, another way to reach us would be by our pinned Steam discussion topic.

    2. I have confirmed that this is a code brake that traces back to the issue we had a few months ago. I have had to disable this option until such time as we can get donation funding to have it fixed by the outside coder.

  4. Hello admis,

    I got an issue with changing the name. “Nickname (required) and Display name publicly as” are set to McB in the settings, but there is no changing after saving. Everytime i open the settings there is correclty “McB”.
    I just want to change my viewable username paul.lauter to McB. Is it possible somehow?

    1. If you have attached your steam account to the site then your steam username is used instead of your site account nick name.

      As of right now the only way to have your site nickname display is to click on “Logout of Steam” on the far left under the greetings message.

      In future and depending on our yearly budget/donations we may be able to add a feature in where you can choose between your Steam name or your site nickname.

      Hope that helps

    1. Hi Paul ,
      we are negotiating with a 3rd party programmer at this very moment trying to sort out why the upload section and Steam login is not working anymore.

      Be assured, it will be fixed soon.

      ps. can’t wait to see your new map 😉

  5. Hi, have found this site after recently purchasing DG2. Looking forward to trying out the maps here. I enjoy playing with my brother in CO-OP , so my question is – can we play any of these maps in multiplayer co-op ?

  6. i don’t know if it is possible with the autogenerated custum maps

    like the original and the ones i bought in the store
    they have all have a picture in the menu so you can see the map before
    at the moment i keep an word doc to refere to the maps
    but a total of 38 now plus the 4 of the store
    the only reference is looking for medals in the menu
    this site or my doc….

    1. I think you’re asking if custom maps can have a thumb graphic in game? Currently no 🙁 unfortunately. There’s a tag for it in the .mission file, and pretty sure it wants “Targa” format, but unable to get anything except a white dot to show up

  7. two things that could be handy.

    1. A forum for us to visit which could then encapsulate request number 2. This can open a can of worms though.
    2. A tutorial/tips section on how to make a map. A simple write-up with the main information on how to make a map, how to upload it and how to download it. There doesn’t seem to be an adequate place to find out how to build a map, just lots of little bits of information spread around the hiddenpath forums and youtube.

    1. We have thought about a forum but at this time we don’t have any plans to add one to the site. If people are looking however to “request” help building maps we may look at other options to answer that need.

      Regarding tutorial’s and tips, under our how-do-i’s we have HP’s own tutorial videos and links to HP’s documentation on the map builder. If anyone however would like to make a more in-depth tutorial video we would be glad to post their videos.

  8. I dowloaded an updated map
    i accidenty unpacked it in documents/dg2 map
    it gave me an game data corrupt error reinstall game
    when i looked in the map i saw the text file was unpacked in the map
    deleting this file solved the problem

    maybe putting this in how to install a map

    1. I don’t think it was the txt file causing you the issue. As I test, I put it in My Documents\DG2 and also in My Documents\DG2\map folder.. I did not receive the corrupt game message.

  9. i noticed maps gets updates however you need to check all again
    a colour change or maybe a sorting on update(date) would be a notice for those who want to check them ?
    as some updates are really worth to check

  10. I would like to suggest a wiki of sorts with information, tips and tutorials on how to make maps for DG2. Let’s face it, the DG Architect is not really a user-friendly or stable piece of software 🙂 It would help getting better quality maps out there.

  11. Great idea, nice site so far. I hope you guys will expand on it a bit, like adding a forum, because right now there’s not really a feeling of being in a community, which would be nice though. I’d love to find more DG2-minded people and discuss tactics, maps, etc.

    1. We encourage users to leave feedback and discuss tactics but more on a per map basis then in an overall DG2 sense right now. The idea for a more generalized community forum may be something we look into a little bit down the road.

      We are working on a few more features but those are still being testing atm.

    1. thanks so much for your contribution! i apologize for the error.. we were testing so much stuff with the uploads and whatnot.. i have everything worked out now and think the donation experience is much improved going forward .. thanks again!

  12. Please make a symbol or other background or so on to the maps overview when i have already downloaded it. If there are later much more maps (I hope so) then there is a very bad overview which maps i have already

    1. We have added a function to the sort maps drop-down that lets you filter by maps you have or have not downloaded.
      (This function only works as long as you are logged into our site when you download a map)

  13. I wish a membersite, because now the profile has not much sense, eventually also with steam data that i can add steam users. because now there is also no really sense of the steam login

    1. I hope to add more steam interaction in the future, but you have to start somewhere right? in the mean-time if you associate your steam id with our site, you may log into our site using steam, see your steam avatar here in comments, along with your steam name (though maybe not on some internal site messages still).

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